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PBP Certification

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Project Business Professional – Benefits

The PBP – Project Business Professional certification is the entry ticket to a high-value job market for capable practitioners. Project Business Management requires not only knowledge of project management but also proficiency in commercial and legal matters. Project business is high-risk business, and organizations need capable experts to navigate projects through often stormy waters.

The PBP qualification opens doors to new business for the approved person by:

  • Formal documentation of completion of a topic-specific education process
  • Approval for use of the PBP logo in marketing materials to win new business
  • Approval for use of the PBP acronym as a suffix to the individual’s name
  • An entry into the database of PBP-certified professionals
  • Standing out among practitioners in project business management

The Qualification Process

Passing the PMP qualification process is the core prerequisite for the PBP certification. 

The certification exam follows a two-day class that is based on the Project Business Compendium and addresses the various specific topics of project business. 

The certification is free.

  • Project management practitioners on the side of
    – project customers
    – project contractors
  • Staff of PMOs (Project Management Offices)
  • Staff of CoEs (Centers of Excellence) in Project Business
  • Supervisors of these project managers

Details are described in the PBP Handbook.

The certification is free.

However, the candidate must first go through a preparation seminar. There are two options to do that:

  • Attend a trainer-led class at a training partner of the Project Business Foundation. The price for the class is decided upon by the training provider, however, the Project Business Foundation recommends EUR 1198 per participant (exchange rate). 
  • Using a self-paced on-demand class offered by a provider. The price for the class is decided upon by the training provider, however, the Project Business Foundation recommends Euro 398 per participant (exchange rate).

The PBP Seminar

The PBP seminar develops practitioners to become Project Business Professionals.

The workshop is a two-day classroom* or virtual seminar, introducing the attendees to the specifics of Project Business Management. It builds on the individuals’ existing knowledge as practitioners in Project Business Management but is also accessible for beginners in the matter.

Upon successful completion of the seminar, attendees will have the immediate option to pass the test and become PBP certified.

Please enquire for a workshop here. 

*: Classroom seminar not available at all locations. Additional costs for travelling and accommodation may incur.

The PBP Exam

Achieving PBP certification is a testament to one’s dedication and hard work.

It requires passing a 1-hour computer test with multiple-choice questions that not only test the candidate’s knowledge but also validate the person’s learning from the seminar.

Upon passing, the person can distinguish himself/herself from others by holding the title of Project Business Professional (PBP).