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A Challenge and a Business Opportunity

Survey: 90% responded that Project Business needs special education. Only 33% said they have it.

Survey conducted in 04-2022, N = 534. Details:

In a 2022 market survey, an overwhelming majority of 9 out of 10 professionals responded that managing Project Business requires domain-specific education.

However, only 1/3 said they have it.

This gap challenges customer and contractor organizations in cross-corporate projects. It is also an opportunity for consultancies and training providers whose business is to help clients.

In Project Business, project managers need to know more than just Project Management. They manage business relationships, handle commercial requirements, and face contractual and legal challenges, often in an international environment.

As the not-for-profit think tank, the Project Business Foundation helps you close this gap.

In a 1-h presentation, we show you how to turn a challenge into a business opportunity

The Megatrend: Project Business

Internal project vs. Project Business

Undeniably, there is a megatrend happening today in Project Management. Work that would have been done internally in the past is handed over to contractors.

These, in turn, use subcontractors, who may have sub-subcontractors, and so on. In all these cases, Project management is no longer just there to support a business; it is the business.

In industries with a long tradition of using contractors, it is observable the multitier networks of contractors are growing fast.

Project Business brings many benefits.

  • Customer organizations tap into the assets of vendors and service providers and turn them into project resources.
  • For contractors, these projects are a source of income. They are profit centers.

However, Project Business is a high-risk business for all parties involved. It takes highly skilled professionals to exploit the benefits while managing the risks.

The Presentation


  • Project executives
    • in customer organizations with heavy outsourcing
    • at contractor organizations performing projects as profit centers
  • Consultancies
  • Training providers
  • Business Press
  • Associations, chapters, and business circles


  • An introduction to Project Business
  • Research: What we know about Project Business
  • Business challenges, risks, and opportunities
  • The role of the Project Business Foundation as a think tank
  • A call for action


  • Duration: 1h
  • Performance: Live; onsite or online
  • Languages:
    • English
    • German
  • Time for Q&As: Yes
  • Costs:
    • Online: Free of charge
    • On-site: We expect reimbursement of travelling costs

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