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What are the benefits people and organizations can expect from the Project Business Foundation?

Project Business is the mega trend in our time in project management. Work that would have been done internally in the past is today handed over to contractors, who in turn use subcontractors, and so on. 

Project Management more and more turns into Project Business Management.

However, practitioners report that they are poorly prepared for the specific challenges that come with this trend.  

This is where the Project Business Foundation steps in by delivering valuable assets to practitioners, field experts, and organizations, such as study results, tools, templates, and more to help navigate this business discipline.

By building a platform for people and organizations and addressing both practitioners and experts, we help exchange good practices, ideas, and experiences. The mission is to give help for the day-by-day challenges in project business.

What happened to the “old” Project Business Foundation?

As the President, I was the public face of an unregistered association under Swiss law named “Project Business Foundation” since 2019. I resigned from the office and left the group in June 2022.

Project Business Foundation

The brand logo of the Project Business Foundation is registered as the intellectual property of Oliver F. Lehmann.

All other soft assets such as website, studies and reports, educational documents, layouts and graphical work, and more are also the sole intellectual property of Oliver F. Lehmann.

What is the Project Business Foundation’s  purpose? Is it just another association? 

No, the Project Business Foundation is no association, and you cannot join it as a member. I believe two competing global associations are enough.

These traditional associations do great work, such as Project Management Institute (PMI) with its chapters and the International Project Management Association (IPMA) and its national member associations in their respective countries. Both are also great places for volunteering.

I spoke with representatives of these organizations about project business including:

  • Customer projects performed as profit centers against payment.
  • Managing complex multi-tier networks of suppliers. 

While they accepted that project business is a major trend in project management and understand that people and organizations in this field need help to better face their challenges, they showed little to no interest in addressing that.

Personally, I consider the decision wrong to ignore the specific needs of over 50% of project management professionals. I would expect more from professional associations.

So, the Project Business Foundation is here to fill this gap.

Does the Project Business Foundation compete with project management associations?

No. The “new” Project Business Foundation is not an association and does not compete with associations.     

If you wish to become a member of a project management association, you can join PMI or one of IPMA‘s national member organizations.

As I have been a member of PMI since 1998 and a volunteer since 2002, my recommendation to join this association is clear, but of course, it is your decision.

However, the roadmap for the Project Business Foundation includes an Expert and Ambassador program for the near future. If you are interested, contact me here

Is the Project Business Foundation open to everyone who is dealing with or interested in project business?

Yes. Contact me here or through my LinkedIn profile, if you are interested.

Is the Project Business Foundation open for cooperation?


The Project Business Foundation’s core topic is the cooperative transformation that is urgently needed in project management to be more successful in cross-corporate projects. Completing over competing.

So, cooperation lies in the Project Business Foundation’s DNA. We are therefore happy to be a role model for this transformation.

Can I hire the Project Business Foundation for consulting or training?

No, the Project Business Foundation is no business entity.

However, if you need active help, the Project Business Foundation can bring you in contact with experienced consultants, trainers, lawyers, and more. Contact us here.

What does the Project Business Foundation need most to be successful?

There is a need for input from field experts and practitioners on all organizational levels.

Project Business is a global mega business, but it is also high-risk business. Case studies of approaches that worked, and those that didn’t, are welcome. And so are instructors and consultants, who want to contribute to better project business of clients.

Oliver F. Lehmann
Trainer, owner of the Project Business Foundation